Book Week 2019: Life during World War Two

Posted: 28th March 2019

This year the theme of Book Week focused on what life was like in Britain in 1939 – the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War. Each day Ms Akehurst, our Learning Resource Centre manager, planned an event for break and lunchtimes for the girls to be involved in.

Horsham Museum’s Costume department brought in some examples of items of clothing people would have worn in 1939.

Popular children’s author Sam Angus, came to speak to the girls about her novels, School for Skylarks and A Horse Called Hero, both of which are set during World War Two.

A local representative of The Jewish Historical Society of England, Michael Crook, gave an introductory talk about the roots of hostilities which led to the Second World War. Then Lesley Urbach, gave a poignant talk about how her mother and aunt as part of the German Kindertransport, were sent to live in Burgess Hill along with many other Jewish children.

Susan Mirabaud, owner of The Fifteenth Century Bookshop Lewes, brought in her extensive collection of original books and magazines from the war-time era.

Three of the Year 7 boarders, from China, USA and Russia, each gave a short talk on what was happening in their respective countries during World War Two.