Rock Challenge 2019

Posted: 12th April 2019

This year Burgess Hill Girls entered the UK Rock Challenge dance competition held by the ‘Be Your Best Foundation’. It was the first year we took take part, and it definitely captured the girls attention. Lots of fun was had and many memories were formed. This was just the start of what will become an annual event – we can’t wait to get stuck in again next year!


Phoebe Moses, Year 9, gave us an insight to the day:
“What can I say… this experience was one of the best I have ever been involved in! The rehearsals were fun and we created memories which will last a lifetime. The choreography was excellent and this year our chosen theme was about women’s suffrage and how hard it was for women to get the vote. When we were on the bus journey to the Hawth everyone was buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm. It was a lovely sunny day so we all went outside onto the grass and started rehearsing. We then went into the auditorium to watch everyone do their practice performance. When we did our practice performance it went really well and prepared us for the space and lighting. The hair and makeup crew started working their magic on the performers. They were so talented it was like they were professional! Everyone started to get a little bit nervous, but we all forgot about the nerves when we got on stage and were having an amazing time. The performance went really well and we were rewarded by attaining the following awards; the ACRO Criminal Records Office Award of Excellence for Visual Enhancement, ACRO Criminal Records Office Award of Excellence in Entertainment and West Sussex County Council Think Family Award of Excellence for Concept. Overall a great time was had by all and we can’t wait to be involved again next year! A big thank you to all the teachers and staff who made Rock Challenge possible.”