Lola Raises Over £1,500 For Children in Need

Posted: 12th November 2019 2 Lola’s amazing fund-raising effort all started with a simple question on her walk home from school, “Mummy, what’s Children in Need?”  After Mum Kelly had explained, Lola decided to do something herself to raise money.  But what could she do?

As revealed on her JustGiving profile, Lola is a bit of chatterbox:

“My name is Lola and I LOVE to chat.  I talk all day, from the minute I wake up in the morning, to the minute I go to sleep at night…and sometimes even whilst I’m sleeping!”

So she decided the hardest challenge for her would be to stay silent for 24 hours.  She started at 8pm on Friday 8th November and completed the challenge at 8pm on Saturday 9th November, staying in her pyjamas for the whole of the challenge.  So far she has raised £1,627 and the amount is still growing!  Please donate here

Mum Kelly commented:

“For a little girl she has a huge heart, we couldn’t be more proud of her and more thankful to all the friends, family and strangers who have donated.”

Lola isn’t the only Burgess Hill Girls pupil raising money for Children In Need. On Friday 22nd November, Year 7 and 8 pupils will take part in the BBC Country File Ramble for Children in Need, walking from Clayton Village over the Downs and into Lewes. They have already raised £2,190 and hope to hit their £5,000 target by the end of the month.  Please donate here

Year 7 and 8 Children in Need Fundraiser Burgess Hill Girls

Deputy Head of Burgess Hill Girls Heather Cavanagh is immensely proud of all the school’s fundraisers:

“Lola’s achievement is a great example of how one individual can make a significant difference. It is also wonderful to see older pupils getting involved with the community in their fundraising effort. I cannot wait to see what challenges they set themselves next year!”