Book Week – Dr Martin Meadows on Climate Change

Posted: 17th March 2020

During Book Week (2nd March – 6th March), we had many guest speakers talking on different topics revolving around climate change and our environment. Octavia Llewellyn, Year 7, has written a review of who came in on Wednesday 4th March.


On Wednesday, a man named Dr Martin Meadows came to Burgess Hill Girls, as one of the talks for Book Week. He talked to us about climate change. It was really easy to understand and everyone was able to engage with him.

Dr Meadows said “the pace of change of temperature is fast becoming hotter.” He explained to us that we need to drastically change the way we live due to how much fossil fuel we are using. He told us that fossil fuels can stay in the atmosphere for 200 years and that we need to act quickly because this is what makes our weather more extreme. It affects everyone and everything, wildlife, migration by humans and the ecosystems. We have not been able to cope with the severe rainfall over the last couple of months. With more rain expected on already saturated ground, this will lead to more intense flooding for the UK. February was recorded the wettest ever since records began over 100 years ago. Finally, he said that if we carry on acting like this for the next ten years we will not be able to turn the clocks back on climate change.
I loved listening to Dr Meadows, the talk was factual but enjoyable to learn more about the world we live in.