COVID-19 School Closure

Posted: 20th March 2020

Following the Government’s decision to close all schools as of Friday 20th March, we are immensely proud to have managed to get to this stage without any confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Now the announcement has been made, there is much for us to plan and implement over the coming weeks to ensure children continue to receive their education. The expected focus prior to Easter was to have been on the examination groups, but the decision to cancel the GCSE and A Level examinations in May and June has
changed that focus completely.

I am sure you are all feeling considerable sadness and pressure, not only about your children being unable to
attend school, but also about the uncertainty of your own work circumstances. It is incredible how things can
change so suddenly and so significantly.

So for absolute clarity, please note the points below:

  • The whole school (including the Nursery) will close as of 4.00pm on Friday 20th March until further notice.
    With the end of term so imminent, there is no school work set for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next
  • The school email address during this time for all queries will be If
    you do need to make contact, please send an email to the above address, and we will get back to you as
    soon as possible. The inbox will be checked daily, but please allow time for responses. If there is any urgent communication to be shared, a ClarionCall message will be sent asking you to consult your emails.
  • As soon as the government announces that schools can reopen, we will aim to do so.
  • In the future, when the picture is clearer, we will provide an opportunity to celebrate the successes and
    achievements of our Year 11 and Upper Sixth students.

The school has been planning how best to deliver a meaningful and balanced education to all pupils in the event of closure. This will be released at 9.00am on Wednesday 15th April, which would have been the first day back at school following the Easter break. Communication will be sent on Wednesday 8th April explaining how to access this work and what expectations have been set.

It is important to maintain a routine that fits your family circumstances. I am sure the last thing you would wish is for your child to sit in front of a computer for the whole day. We are adamant that this is not what we want to implement, as we have no idea how long remote and guided home learning will continue. This, combined with the understanding that you have your own work to do, is absolutely at the forefront of our planning. Rest assured we will continue to provide creative, cross-curricular activities and projects that will support the curriculum.

We appreciate this is a very difficult time for everyone. Staff, pupils and parents may find this distance learning quite challenging to begin with, but the children will soon adjust to the change and will take it in their stride. We should remember this is not a permanent change, just a different and temporary approach.

One area of focus is that the pupils should not overdo the amount of work. Staff will give clear guidance as to what is expected, which will include a request that pupils do not ask for more work. Being at home will allow all forms of practical learning alongside the work set by teachers.

We hope that you are able to stay safe and well in the coming weeks ahead. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you require further information at this stage.

Finally I would like to leave with you with something that has touched us all this week. Boarders Michelle and Mariia taught other boarders (and their EAL teacher) how to make origami birds (picture and instructions below). Together they decided the birds symbolised their journeys home and we would keep the birds safely together at school until the girls are able to return and ‘fly’ again. What stands for the boarders stands for the whole community at Burgess Hill Girls. When you all return we will all ‘fly’ again together.

Kind regards

Liz Laybourn



Origami Birds Boarding Burgess Hill Girls

How to make origami birds