Amber Creates COVID-19 film in BSL

Posted: 17th April 2020

Year 3 pupil Amber has created a British Sign Language COVID-19 news broadcast.

Both Amber’s parents are deaf, so she has been signing since she was six months old, British Sign Language (BSL) is her first and home language. As she is a hearing person, she is also able to converse with hearing people, giving her access to both cultures. She uses both skills in her COVID-19 news broadcast, so hearing and deaf children can watch it and learn how to stay safe during the pandemic.

Although Amber’s father, BSL presenter and actor Clive Mason, helped her make the COVID-19 film, she wrote the script, presented the film and made all the editing decisions. In the film Amber encourages viewers to stay at home and gives guidance on how to cough and sneeze as well as wash their hands. The COVID-19 special took two days to make and was filmed in her garden using a green screen. Watch the film below.

Amber really enjoyed making the film: “Making this news broadcast has helped me learn more about COVID-19, I hope it helps other children learn more too.”

The COVID-19 broadcast is Amber’s second film using BSL, her first was a homework project on her favourite thing about Burgess Hill Girls.