COVID-19 Summer & Autumn Term 2020 Update

Posted: 26th June 2020

As the summer holiday is approaching we thought it was a good time to make public recent changes to our school opening as well as reveal our intentions for September.

End of Summer Term 2020

On the 1st of June we were delighted to welcome back pupils in the Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. We were hoping to welcome back more pupils in other year groups this month but took the difficult decision not to do so before the end of the summer term. This decision was taken with our pupils’ emotional wellbeing at the forefront.

We are very proud that during this spell of home learning our pupils have become capable problem-solvers, more independent, adaptable and resilient. They will have, unbeknown to themselves, developed skills they had no idea existed!


Year 3 with their home-made puppets

Year 3 with hand puppets they created to assist with their play scripts


This positive attitude to learning and change is best summed up by feedback we recently received from one of our parents.

“’Every day when I leave my study to grab another tea or water and catch up with my daughter she is always full of energy and positive about her school day. I know many people have adapted, as humans often do, but to keep a class of girls occupied and learning is not an easy task. Thankfully, she is pretty resourceful and has her two big sisters to keep her grounded but virtual school life does bring a normality and structure to her day. You have all contributed in various ways to why all our girls love the school so much!”


Upper Sixth Project Presentations

Autumn Term 2020

We are excited to be planning for a full return for all year groups across the school for September. The Government will continue to provide guidance over the coming weeks and throughout the summer holidays as to what should happen in schools, and it is clear that they are working with the intention for schools to return. We very much hope that we are given the green light with restrictions that are manageable. It will be lovely to have the community back on site, embracing the new ‘normal’, whatever that may be!


Liz Laybourn
Head Burgess Hill Girls