New Ad Campaign

Posted: 2nd September 2020

To celebrate the return of all our students in September 2020 we have a new advertising campaign to share with you.

The ads follow a similar design to our recent campaign with students playing a central role. However the focus has changed from future job roles to the emotional, intellectual and social skills that students will need to become Tomorrow’s Women. Though we still believe in the importance of academic study we believe that the acquisition of these skills is vital for success in the future, whatever path students decide to take.

The Burgess Hill Girls motto ‘I am, I can, I should, I will’ is derived from an original motto by educator Charlotte Mason in the 19th Century. Though its history is over a hundred years old it does not mean these powerful words are any less relevant in today’s and indeed tomorrow’s world. Just look at Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign or ‘Sophie Says I Can, I Will’, a book recently published to inspire young girls and boys about the direction their lives might take them.

We asked pupils across the school to develop ‘power’ phrases using the motto that were personal to them and reflected their emotions and motivations. These phrases have been directly used in the ad campaign, examples of which you will find below.


I am Tomorrow's Woman
Rumbi – I Am Tomorrow’s Woman


Many thanks to the following students who volunteered to represent the school in the ads. It takes significant courage to put yourself in the spotlight. Please congratulate them on an excellent job when you see them next.


  • Livvi – Nursery
  • Sienna – Nursery
  • Sasha – Pre-Prep
  • Amber – Prep
  • Sasha – Prep
  • Mariia – Senior
  • Alice – Senior
  • Romilly – Senior
  • Rumbi – Sixth
  • Luella – Sixth


We would also like to say a big thank you to Brighton agency Crush who created the concept for these new ads.


I Should Question
Amber – I Should Question


It is fitting that Amber is included as she shares her surname with motto founder Charlotte Mason.

We have started to use the new ads in digital and press campaigns so hopefully you will see them soon. They will also be used on six of our school buses (see picture below) and in our new school prospectus and guides which will be published in September.


2020 Ads on School Buses