May Book of the Month

Posted: 19th May 2021

Here are our book recommendations for May. Let us know how you get on with them!


The Duck Who Didn’t Like Water – By Steve Small

Genre:  Personal/Social Issues | Ages: 2-4

Duck is not like other ducks. He doesn’t like water and is perfectly fine alone, but then one dark and stormy night an outgoing, water-loving, and very lost Frog turns up at Duck’s door. Can this odd couple find Frog’s home and form a friendship along the way?

Buy here  Paperback £6.99, Kindle Edition £4.99, Hardcover £9.99



Do You Love Dinosaurs? – By Matt Robertson

Genre: Animals | Ages: 5-7

From the ferocious hunters like Spinosaurus and T.Rex to the gentle giants like Diplodocus and Titanosaurus, the speedy raptors to the armored Ankylosaurs, children can discover all the weird and wonderful things that made dinosaurs so amazing.

Buy here  Paperback £5.56, Kindle Edition £5.28, Hardcover £7.99



A Turtle’s View of the Ocean Blue – By Catherine Barr

Genre: Natural World | Ages: 8-10

Explore the five oceans on our planet meeting the creatures who live there and finding out just how their incredible surroundings work. From tides and currents, to migrations and conservation, see our oceans in action and learn how you can help to save them.

Buy here Hardcover £14.41



Not My Fault – By Cath Howe

Genre: Reality | Ages: 11-13

Maya and Rose won’t talk to each other even though they are sisters. Maya is running wild and Rose doesn’t know what to do about the situation. Now Maya and Rose have to go away together on a week-long school journey. Will the trip be – a life-threatening adventure – fix their relationship… or break it for good?

Buy here  Kindle Edition £4.74, Paperback £5.94, FREE with Amazon Audible



Everyone Dies Famous in a Small Town – By Bonnie-Sue Hitchcook

Genre: Short Story/Reality | Ages: 13-15

The teenagers who live in the small towns in the rural Southwest of the USA are separated by distance, but their lives are woven together whether by the spread of wildfire, by the priest who’s moved from state to state or by the hunt for a missing child, these incredible stories blaze with secrets, rage and love.

Buy here  Kindle Edition £3.33, Paperback £6.49, FREE with Amazon Audible



Station Eleven – By Emily St. John Mandel

Genre: Post Apocalypse | Ages: 16-18

Set in a post-pandemic world where life as we know it has collapsed. The story centres around a Hollywood star, his would-be rescuer and a nomadic group of Shakespearean actors roaming the tiny outposts of an abandoned America – a group willing to risk everything to ensure that Art is not lost.

Buy here  Paperback £6.99, Kindle Edition £3.99, Hardcover £29.28, FREE with Amazon Audible



Can’t Even: How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation – By Anne Helen Petersen


In this book BuzzFeed culture writer Petersen, argues that burnout is the go-to condition for the millennial generation. Its origins has roots in the unrealistic expectations of the modern workplace plus a sharp dose of anxiety and hopelessness, intensified by the constant pressure to “perform” our lives online. The book offers an intimate and liberating look at the lives of this much-maligned generation.

Buy here: Kindle Edition £9.99, Paperback £7.91, Hardcover £11.60, FREE with Amazon Audible



Monica Jones, Philip Larkin and Me: Her Life and Long Loves – By John Sutherland


Monica Jones, was Philip Larkin – one of Britain’s most revered poets, partner for more than four decades, and was arguably the most important woman in the poet’s life. She was widely criticised for destroying Larkin’s diaries and works in progress after his death.

She was widely disliked by his friends and Larkin himself was routinely unfaithful to her. But Monica Jones was also a brilliant academic and wrote more than 2,000 letters to Larkin, and he in turn poured out his heart to her. Sutherland explores in depth the question: who was the real Monica?

Buy here: Kindle Edition £9.99, Hardcover £15.32, FREE with Amazon Audible



Dogs of War – By Adrian Tchaikovsky


Rex is a genetically engineered ‘Bioform’, a deadly weapon in a dirty war. He has the intelligence to carry out his orders but all he wants to be is a good dog and please his master – but what happens when the Master is tried as a war criminal? What rights does the Geneva Convention grant weapons like Rex? Does he and his fellow Bioforms, even have a right to exist? And what happens when Rex slips his lead?

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Sherlock Holmes and the Sussex Sea-Devils – By James Lovegrove


Now retired, Sherlock Holmes is called upon once again to do battle with occult forces, as unrest in Europe is threatening to turn into all-out war.

When his brother Mycroft, is found dead on a lonely stretch of beach in Sussex, Holmes unearths a plot that has far-reaching, apocalyptic consequences. With trusty Watson at his side, he sallies forth one last time to defy the nameless, unspeakable entities from beyond who would wish to conquer the earth.

Buy here: Kindle Edition £4.31, Hardcover £10.75, Paperback £6.55, FREE with Amazon Audible