Top 10 UK Boarding School – Value for Money

Posted: 26th May 2021

Burgess Hill Girls has been recognised as offering exceptional value for money in a study recently published by The Telegraph.

The study analysed which private boarding schools offer the best value for money when comparing boarding fees with GCSE results. According to the analysis Burgess Hill Girls produced the best GCSE results for the lowest fees in Sussex. In comparison to boarding schools across the whole of the UK only five schools did better for lower fees.

The study’s findings are supported by analysis by other educational consultants. Leading school discovery website compares fees and results for all private schools in Sussex. Burgess Hill Girls is listed second for GCSE results across all schools, regardless of fees.




Head Liz Laybourn commented:

“It is great to see our aim to offer exceptional value for money is validated by this analysis. We are not super selective, so although we are proud of the excellent results that our pupils consistently achieve, we are even prouder of the progress they make during their time with us, which is often a jump up by one to two GCSE grades. Just as important to us is their wider personal development and achievements in co-curricular areas such as sport, the arts and work in the community.”

Burgess Hill Girls also promises incredible value for younger pupils, offering the government’s free childcare scheme for three and four year olds in both their Nursery and Reception year. Together with savings provided by the longer school day, free school meals and clubs, Burgess Hill Girls has estimated that the first Reception year at the school can cost as little as a third of published fees.