Superb GCSE Results

Posted: 25th August 2022

Burgess Hill Girls is proud to celebrate a fantastic set of GCSE results with over half of all entries graded 9/8 and 72% of all entries graded 9-7. 57% of the cohort gained at least seven or more grades 9-7. Amid the turbulence and disruption of the last few years, the class of 2022 have confirmed that Burgess Hill Girls continues to perform at the highest level.

GCSE Students at Burgess Hill Girls
Some of the GCSE Students at Burgess Hill Girls

Star students included Anna Contreras, Isabella Evans and Alice Richardson, who were awarded a clean sweep of grade 9s and A* grades in the Higher Project Qualification, exploring the topics of the effects of sleep deprivation, the relationship between a country’s economic climate and its mortality rate and the impact of social media algorithms.

Isabella Evans Alice Richardson Burgess Hill Girls
Isabella Evans and Alice Richardson

A further 11 students gained 100% Grades 9-7, including Grace Bryan, Sam Elfick, Irina Geng, Carissia Li, Lucy Meyer, Rosina Murray, Maddie Pickering and Rosie Rawlings.

It was great to see boarder Yashi from China
It was great to see boarder Yashi from China

All pupils taking computer science were graded 8 or 9, challenging gender stereotypes. In an all-girls environment, subjects are free from gender stereotyping. Computer Science is an increasingly popular subject at Burgess Hill Girls. “After decades of underrepresentation of women in engineering and computer science, more women than ever are studying in this field. Finding elegant solutions to the complex problems of a rapidly changing world requires greater representation and participation in engineering from all underrepresented groups, especially women,” said Rohaise Flint, Assistant Head Academic.

Computer Science students Rosina Murray, Lydia Haste, Alice Richardson and Sam Elfick
Computer Science students Rosina Murray, Lydia Haste, Alice Richardson and Sam Elfick

Burgess Hill Girls achieved highly across a wide range of subjects. 88% of entries in creative subjects were graded 9-7, with all those taking music graded 8 or 9. 80% of English Literature grades were 9-7, 70% in languages and 68% across the humanities.

Burgess Hill Girls Head Liz Laybourn said she was delighted with the students’ achievements: “We believe in challenging everyone to be ambitious and achieve the highest grades of which they are capable. The last few years have seen significant disruption and challenges but our teachers have continued to work hard, going above and beyond, to ensure that each individual reaches their full potential. This year’s results prove that the Burgess Hill Girls experience adds significant value to each and every student. Not only have they achieved superb grades across a wide range of subjects, they have also taken full advantage of the amazing opportunities that the school provides on the sporting, creative and enterprise fronts.”