Free Design & Build Workshop

Posted: 13th January 2023

On 1st February Burgess Hill Girls is offering a unique learning opportunity for girls who love designing and building, want to develop their skills and who are currently in Year 2 at a school in Sussex*.

Free Design & Build Workshop

The workshop will be led by Burgess Hill Girls Prep School’s Curriculum leader, Greer Williams, and SENCO and STEM enthusiast, Shelley Allen. The session will run for 90 minutes from 4.30pm on the 1st February, finishing at 6.00pm.

During the workshop girls will have the opportunity to build a catapult as well as design a hat for Fred the Zookeeper. By doing so girls will develop their knowledge of materials, ergonomics and forces.

Here is an overview of the sessions:

Build a catapult

How can we join our given materials together in order for it to work? What knowledge of forces and maths do we need to apply? How far does it fly? How can we improve this distance? How can we improve the design?

Design a hat

Fred the Zookeeper has requested a snack hat which can keep his energy high when leading tours of the zoo. What environmental factors might we need to consider? What materials can you use? What snacks will give Fred energy? What knowledge of food groups do we need to apply? How will the hat hold his snacks securely?

If your daughter is in Year 2, not currently at Burgess Hill Girls and would like to take part in this unique workshop please book their place using the form below. If you have further questions please email or call 01444 241050.

Only limited places are available for this free workshop so please book soon to avoid disappointment.

*This is a workshop designed for girls who are not currently pupils at Burgess Hill Girls. Current pupils can expect to take part in similar activities as part of the school’s existing DT provision.