Identity Day

Posted: 8th March 2024

A rare date to celebrate a little clue that makes you, you!  

Thursday February 29th was Identity Day, an annual event now in its third year, initiated by BOLD girl Bukky Oseni. Senior school pupils were invited to bring or wear something that is important to them and share its story with their friends. We also enjoyed a special celebration lunch with a menu of dishes from across the globe.

Identity Day is about celebrating the uniqueness and diversity within our school community, building self-confidence and connection, and making everyone feel welcome. In a world that often tries to define people by certain labels or categories, Identity Day is a reminder that we are so much richer and more complex human beings than that. It is a day to share and honour each other’s unique stories and experiences. 

Pupils and teachers shared important articles of clothing, jewellery, special objects, photos of places that are significant, recipes that are important in their family and treasured memories. 

Sam in Year 13 said, “Identity day highlights the importance of embracing diversity in a school environment. Through this, we can build a stronger and more united school community, where everyone is encouraged to be their boldest self.”

Valerie in Year 11 said, ‘Burgess Hill Girls says ‘I should be me’ and Identity Day is an important reminder of that.’

Assistant Head, Rohaise Flint, said ‘Schools are places where we try to find the balance between our identities as unique individuals and our collective identity as a community. The world is full of people trying to be cool but the world needs warm people and Burgess Hill Girls is deliberate and intentional about being a warm and welcoming place. We do this not just because it’s right but because the happiness and confidence it fosters leads to better outcomes for everyone, both as individually at school and collectively in the future.’ 

Read just some of our pupils’ courageous contributions to Identity Day below, shared with their permission.