Creative Writing Workshop at University of Sussex

Posted: 24th June 2024

On Thursday 13th June, Year 9 students from Burgess Hill Girls spent the day at University of Sussex taking part in creative writing workshops. 

The day was created with us in mind and revolved around three workshop sessions led by university students, who run US’s creative writing club ‘Sussex Writes’. The sessions were based on poetry, objects, and character archetypes, and explored how different creative techniques can influence the way we write and change the story. We were inspired to use our innovative ideas and to focus on having fun and learning new skills, taking the opportunity to learn as much as possible.

Upon our arrival, we were introduced to our ‘tutors’ (university students) for the day in a lecture hall situated in the central area of the university and had a chance to meet one of the professors. We also explored what the university had to offer and how lectures differ from classes at secondary school. As we walked through the forward-thinking campus to get from one session to another, we toured the different areas and got a taste of university life along with the upbeat feel of University of Sussex.

– Sophie, Year 9