Drama at Burgess Hill Girls

Sharing Emotions

At Burgess Hill Girls we believe that Drama in our school can unlock the use of imagination, intellect, empathy and courage. Through it, ideas, responses and feelings can be expressed and communicated. It carries the potential to challenge, question and to bring about change. Through Drama we share an emotion and that sharing connects us with each other. We encourage pupils to find their own identity and inspire them to find ways to express this through our teaching and their learning.

Human Expressions

Drama communicates through the language and conventions of theatre. This results in all our pupils gaining access to one of the greatest forms of human expression. We recognise that social well-being is founded on personal maturity and emotional literacy; these are the foundations of much of what we do in the Drama Department. Drama has its own history and canon of work, much of which has a unique and important place in our cultural life. In common with all subjects, it requires specific skills, knowledge and understanding – key elements that are progressively taught and assessed.

Opportunities To Discover

The opportunities to discover Drama at Burgess Hill Girls are truly outstanding. We set our standards high encouraging every individual to take part in Drama, whether in front or behind the curtain. This ensemble approach to what we do echoes closely the ethos of the school. The pupils work together to create something unique and take complete ownership over their creation. In an ever changing and competitive world we have to stand out from the crowd and experiencing Drama at Burgess Hill Girls urges you to do this.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” (Albert Einstein)


Drama at Burgess Hill Girls