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Exploring The WOrld

The English Language is fundamental to an understanding of the world around us. With language we both deconstruct and explore our surroundings and society and sometimes, using language, we make it better using the power of our imaginations. English is always about language: both the power of language to affect and shape the world and the powerful effects language can have on us.

Power of Language

Language is everywhere: on the streets, in our music, on TV and the radio; even politics is about the power and rhetoric of language before it is ever about power in and of itself. The ability to manipulate language and communicate effectively (through both listening and speaking) is fundamental to success in any profession. So in English we talk and debate as well as read and write. We teach students to communicate their independent ideas, attitudes and opinions confidently and with sophistication.

Reading IS KEY

Books and texts are central to what we do. We read widely in lessons from Chaucer and Shakespeare to the daily press while extra-curricular reading challenges include the Carnegie Shadowing Award and the Sussex Schools Book Award. We celebrate National Poetry Day in the Autumn Term and Book Week in the Spring Term. We run Wordfighters, where students produce creative writing for local and national competitions.

Finally, we send confident, articulate and thoughtful young women out into the world empowered to make a difference.