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Boarding Reviews

Meet Sixth Former Cathryn then read on for more reviews from boarders at Burgess Hill Girls.



“The boarding community is very homely and the staff are very supportive. We are very close knit and enjoy spending time in the evenings together doing various fun activities with the Gap Assistants. Mrs Beels’s office door is always open for a chat and it’s comforting to know.”

Burgess Hill Girls Boarding School Review Emma

“I have only been here a year but already I have made a lot of friends. There is a real community here.”

Burgess Hill Girls Boarding Review Saridja

“Boarding is soooooo much fun!! Staff are super nice and fun and they are also open to talk to. They book really fun trips and they make boarding really fun to do. They help keep us organised for school, especially make us keep our rooms tidy!”

Burgess Hill Girls Boarding School Review Prisha

“I like boarding because we have really good trips, fun activities and a very caring community. The staff care about you and will always help you.”

Burgess Hill Girls Boarding School Review Ola

“Very kind staff, friendly girls, fun trips and activities. I particularly like the Christmas decorations, fitness on Thursday. We have a beautiful boarding house and comfortable rooms. We get to shop at Tescos every Wednesday and recently I went to an amazing firework show, every trip is social. We have the best boarding house!”

Burgess Hill Girls Boarding Review Mariia