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Evacuee Week

Year 6

Year Six were fully immersed in their learning about World War Two, as they became evacuees for the week. We began the week in wartime London with ID cards, ration books, gas mask boxes and diaries. We imagined living in London and experienced regular air raids. On Tuesday we were visited by Bomber Command who told us about real life memories from the war. It was inspiring to hear how brave the men had been and how they still found fun in tricky and life-threating situations. True heroes! On Wednesday the blitz hit and we spent time in the school cellars experiencing the joys of the dark and the damp conditions that were actually used in the war as shelter from air raids. There were spiders, but we kept up our spirits with wartime songs!

Thursday was our day of evacuation from London to a lovely town called Burgess Hill. We left with trepidation and collected our thought as we sat on the platform waiting for the train. Again we sang to keep up our spirits and this time we had an interested audience who clapped our efforts! We arrived at the ‘village hall’ to be met by a range of people from the town who carefully selected evacuees to be billeted with them. Some of the characters were quite strange, but all were welcoming.

Friday saw us enjoying a day in the countryside and finally safe from bombs and air raids. What an adventure!

The girls were all amazing in their use of their imaginations, their outstanding costumes and their willingness to get involved in the learning experiences offered to them. A big thank you must also go to parents for preparing the outfits and also to all those parents and staff who gave up their time to role play with us on Thursday.

A truly memorable learning experience!