Dr Emma Ross

Emma is a BOLD girl having attended Burgess Hill Girls between 1989 and 1996.

Following her PhD in Human Physiology Emma spent 10 years researching and teaching in the field of sports and health science at Brunel University and then the University of Brighton. In 2012 she became The Head of Physiology at The English Institute of Sport, where her mandate included nurturing Team GB talent across the hugely successful Rio and Tokyo Olympiads. In this role Emma also became a staunch advocate for addressing inequalities for women and girls in sport, and in 2016 developed the first strategic programme to support womens health in elite sport. In 2021 Emma Co-Founded The Well-HQ, an organisation dedicated to making sport a better place for women and girls, at both a participation and high performance level.

Emma is a keen sportswoman having played Rugby at Twickenham to win The University finals in 2002, completed an Ironman triathlon in 2008 and has run 6 marathons.