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Nursery News

Tale of the Gingerbread Man

Our Hedgehogs class of 2 ½-3 year olds have been learning all about the tale of the Gingerbread man who ‘ran and ran as fast as he can’! One of their activities was to create their very own gingerbread person and fox biscuit holder. Cookery is an exciting way to develop children’s concentration and listening

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Liquid Rainbow

At Burgess Hill Nursery we encourage the children’s natural curiosity to experiment and fuel their interest through group science activities. During their weather topic they enjoyed experimenting with ingredients by carefully listening to instructions from their class teacher. Step by step they carefully created their very own liquid rainbow.         

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Exploring Ice

At Burgess Hill Nursery our First steps to science are to let the children test their ideas… they need time develop their own ideas. We wanted to introduce ‘Ice’ and support the children’s understanding of how ice is made. So to start with we organised an unstructured activity: We gave the children a plastic bowl

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The Nursery Children’s weather project

The Nursery Children’s weather project has been enhanced by all this fabulous weather we are currently experiencing – rain, Snow, wind, sun and sea mist! This week we explored the element of ‘wind’. We made wind chimes and practiced our fine motor skills by threading tiny beads and bells onto strings. We took our umbrellas

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Puppet Show

The Nursery children in Squirrels class performed an impromptu puppet show last week complete with interval refreshments! The Nursery children enjoy collaborating and regularly organise their own mini events. By showing an interest in what the children do, we naturally build their confidence and boost their motivation. We recognise their strengths and praise all their

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Cinderella visits our Nursery

Old Girl Catherine Carpenter came to visit us this week dressed as Cinderella. She is currently starring in a production of Cinderella at the Hawth Theatre in Crawley! The children were initially so in awe but soon struck up conversation and asked her some very interesting questions…Where do you live, where is your carriage, where

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Celebrating Working Together

The Nursery Children learn all about collaboration, sharing and the rules of games… Look how proud they are of their ‘team work’!!

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Nursery visit the Infants library

The squirrels class had a lovely visit to the Infants Library which is upstairs from the Nursery and were able to find stories about super heroes which they are super excited about! As well as books for their topic ‘ the weather’.

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Nursery Weather Project

Badgers and Squirrels class (Nursery) are exploring the world about them and learning all about the weather. They really enjoyed their trip to the Junior Schools learning hub to find books with weather pictures! The then returned to class to complete their own daily weather chart!  

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Suzanne Nursery

New Nursery Manager

The Board of Governors of Burgess Hill Girls are delighted to announce the appointment of Mrs Suzanne Roberts as the new Manager of Burgess Hill Nursery from November 2016. After completing a post graduate teaching qualification in Primary Education, specialising in Key Stage 1, Suzanne taught at an independent pre-school in Twickenham. She quickly progressed

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