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Red Nose Day in the Nursery

In honour of Red Nose Day the children in the Nursery brought in donations to buy red noses and to dress in red. We had discussions as to why they were gifting money and about families less fortunate than ourselves who need extra support. For Red Nose Fun we had a ‘games day’. The children

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Spring is in the air!

Spring is definitely in full swing here at Burgess Hill Nursery. We used our home made binoculars as we explored our wonderful grounds and searched high and low for buds, daffodils, birds, blossom and many more wonders of nature!                      

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Can you guess that our number was this week?

Every week in the nursery, we focus on a different number and practice recognising it in our environment. We also learn that it has a value by playing games, doing number activities and puzzles, both  indoors and outdoors. We also practice how to write the number as part of our handwriting practice.    

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Visit to Waitrose

During the February Half Term, our all year round Nursery children went on a trip to visit our local Waitrose store, where we had an educational talk all about where our lovely fruits and vegetables grow. We learnt that most of our fruit grows in the southern hemisphere and that ‘Billy the Banana’, after having

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Celebrating Shrove Tuesday

We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making our very own pancakes. At Nursery we have lots of opportunities to use and explore the ‘Big’ areas of the school. On Tuesday we went over to the Junior School cookery room where we used fresh ingredients and made our very own pancakes. …the highlight was choosing our own

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The Benefits of Still life drawing in the early years

We touched upon the celebration of St David’s day on the 1st March and one of our activities was to draw daffodils. We all too often ask children to draw from memory alone – like when we ask children to draw a picture of their family or their house, so, at Burgess Hill Nursery we

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Tale of the Gingerbread Man

Our Hedgehogs class of 2 ½-3 year olds have been learning all about the tale of the Gingerbread man who ‘ran and ran as fast as he can’! One of their activities was to create their very own gingerbread person and fox biscuit holder. Cookery is an exciting way to develop children’s concentration and listening

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Liquid Rainbow

At Burgess Hill Nursery we encourage the children’s natural curiosity to experiment and fuel their interest through group science activities. During their weather topic they enjoyed experimenting with ingredients by carefully listening to instructions from their class teacher. Step by step they carefully created their very own liquid rainbow.         

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Exploring Ice

At Burgess Hill Nursery our First steps to science are to let the children test their ideas… they need time develop their own ideas. We wanted to introduce ‘Ice’ and support the children’s understanding of how ice is made. So to start with we organised an unstructured activity: We gave the children a plastic bowl

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