Little Miss Welcome

Posted: 22nd January 2019

Depending upon your upbringing you may be familiar with the Mr Men and Little Miss children’s books by Roger Hargreaves. Certainly they are very well known in the UK, home country of Burgess Hill Girls. At Burgess Hill Girls we know them even better as Little Miss characters have an important role to play in the welcoming process for new boarders at our school.

One of the first things every boarder who joins the school is invited to do is choose their own Little Miss character. It’s a wonderful, informal way for girls to open themselves up to their new community. It’s also a very handy conversation starter with other girls. All the girls get their own Little Miss sticker on their bedroom door. It’s not just for girls either, the House Staff, including the Head of Houses all have their own Little Miss name too.

So what names do they choose for themselves? Let’s get to know a few and find out what they think about boarding at Burgess Hill Girls.


Little Miss Welcome to Burgess Hill Girls

Little Miss Sparkle

Emma – a.k.a. Little Miss Sparkle – is a boarder from London in Year 9.


Why did you choose Little Miss Sparkle?

I’m a positive, happy person and like to spread good vibes.

What is it like boarding at Burgess Hill Girls?

I love the community spirit in the boarding house. All the teachers are very supportive.

Advice for new boarders?

Don’t think too much about it. At first you might get homesick but Burgess Hill Girls helps you get used to it very quickly.

Little Miss Scientific Wonder

Freya – a.k.a Little Miss Scientific Wonder is a Year 9 boarder from London.


Why did you choose Little Miss Scientific Wonder?

I’ve loved science ever since primary school. I also really like physicist and TV presenter Brian Cox who guest wrote Little Miss Scientific Wonder.

What is it like boarding at Burgess Hill Girls?

It’s great to have lots of friends, who are always there for you. The Head of House, Mrs Beels, is really nice and I love her dog Nala.

Advice for new boarders?

Enjoy every second!

Little Miss Magic

Venus – a.k.a. Little Miss Magic – is a boarder from Hong Kong in Year 12.


Why did you choose Little Miss Magic?

She’s cute. I love magic so wanted a name that would make me smile every time I see it.

What is it like boarding at Burgess Hill Girls?

It’s like living in a big family. Everyone is nice to each other.

Advice for new boarders?

Be tolerant, be kind, and smile – everyone is your friend.

Little Miss Late

Adeorite – a.k.a. Little Miss Late is a boarder from Nigeria in Year 12.


Why did you choose Little Miss Late?

Can you guess? I have a history of being late for boarding events!

What’s it like boarding at Burgess Hill Girls?

There’s a real sense of community, it feels like a second extended family.

Advice for new boarders?

Talk to everyone because we’re all the same.