National Boarding Week 2019

Posted: 12th July 2019

We always love National Boarding Week. It’s a great chance for girls and staff to come together to enjoy a variety of activities celebrating boarding life at Burgess Hill Girls. Here are some of the 2019 highlights.


Our National Boarding Week kicked off with a Boarding Sleepover and Movie Night that took place at Silverdale House. Year 7 and 9 girls got a chance to bring all of their softest and comfiest bedding and blankets to camp out in the Silverdale Common Room for the night, where oodles of fizzy drinks and snacks were waiting for them. The boarders then had an exciting evening watching The Lego Movie and chatting away with some day girls they had invited. The next morning they woke up to a delicious in house breakfast provided by the catering team.


On Monday we had a giant inflatable obstacle course. Running, climbing, jumping and sliding, the girls were extremely excited. Lots of day girls came to join in the fun as well as teachers, and even Head Liz Laybourn and Assistant Head of Pastoral & Boarding, Nicola Donson. See video below! The excitement was non-stop, only a short break for hot dogs before they were back to the competitions. After hours of amusement and with everyone buzzing, it was finally time to go home and reflect on what a fantastic afternoon we all had!


On Tuesday boarders teamed up to participate in Miss Jan’s Treasure Hunt! Three puzzling tasks were wrapped up and stowed away in the Silverdale Common Room, awaiting for the most brilliant minds to solve and discover where the treasure was hidden. Luckily, our team was eager and no obstacle could have stood in their way, as they breezed through the tasks and found a chest with rather exciting, sweet and useful prizes!


What an overwhelming response we had this week to our invitation to our boarders to write why they love boarding in no more than 25 words. Totally unprompted the girls stepped up to the task with some very touching words to show how much boarding really means to them. Our winning entry went to Prisha who wrote: ‘It is fun and we go to different places every weekend and all the staff are amazing and the people are so cool. You will never find another place like this!’


Burgess Hill Girls School has a plethora of amazing talent both amidst the day girls and the boarders and it was the musicians turn amongst the boarders to get involved in giving something back to the wider community this week. Miss Hamilton took a group of girls from year 9 through to Upper 6th to Oak Lodge Nursing Home near the school where the girls performed a variety of pieces in a small concert for the residents. For some of the residents it brought back fond memories of when they were younger and played a musical instrument themselves. A true testament to the power of music to communicate something special to everyone. We ended the concert by sharing a beautiful cake that we had brought, allowing time for everyone to sit and chat over a cup of tea. They have asked us to come back again soon, we definitely will.