National Top 100 For GCSE Results

Posted: 11th September 2019

In the Daily Telegraph rankings of independent school 2019 GCSE results, Burgess Hill Girls was ranked as the top school in West Sussex and the top girls’ school across East and West Sussex. In 59th place we are one of only two Sussex schools to make the top 100. An impressive performance given Burgess Hill Girls admits pupils with academic profiles of National Average and above and supports them in selecting GCSE and A Level subjects of their choice. These record GCSE results confirm a 2019 review by the Good Schools Guide which found: “The school is almost non-selective and yet achieves better results than many more competitive schools.”

A record 76% of exams were graded 9 – 7 and well over half were graded 9 and 8. There was particular success in modern languages, with 80% of entries graded 9 to 7, and also in the creative subjects, where an incredible 100% of all entries were graded 9 to 7.

Head Liz Laybourn said “We are proud to see our students’ success rewarded in the league tables as it demonstrates our ability to add value to each and every girl’s academic performance. We are even prouder of the girls’ wider achievements this year. From Glyndebourne performers to champion linguists, national athletes to outward bound adventurers, and technical theatre specialists to dedicated volunteers. A Burgess Hill Girls education encourages every girl to actively challenge herself in new directions, developing all the self-belief, determination and life skills they need to fulfil their ambitions.”


Burgess Hill Girls Make Top 100 GCSE Results 2019