Nursery Pastoral Care

Encouraged to Develop

Children in our care are encouraged to develop their skills of enquiry, creativity and critical thinking, problem-solving, reasoning and conflict resolution.  They are encouraged to embrace the challenges that all new learning brings.

We strive to identify a child’s strengths, interests, preferences and development pathway so that we can respond appropriately with experiences that are meaningful and tailored to the individual.  Through an ongoing process of reflection and self-evaluation we continue to ensure we provide an outstanding level of education.

Happy ‘Can-do’ Attitude

We pride ourselves in having that contagious sparkle where positive links between high quality early education and children’s healthy progress through school are evident. We believe that a happy ‘can do’ attitude is infectious and everyone benefits.

When you visit us, you will find a vibrant environment which buzzes with the sound of happy, enthusiastic and motivated young children.